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Invention meets Tenacity

The Tenacity Ag Team

Here is a closely knit team that has known each other for most of their lives.

Our mission at Tenacity Ag is to supply the upper Midwest area with drone spraying technology.

To do this, we will combine aggressive and strategic marketing, with quality products and services at competitive prices. This aids us in providing the most value to our customers.

Our products will put technology in the hands of agricultural producers to make their occupations easier and more profitable. 

Our core values are honesty, openness, communication, and trust. We believe our culture is based off of trust.

Meet The Team

Devin Nohl

CEO - Customer Relations

Micah Meyer

COO - Operations and Sales

Colin Domnick

CFO - Accounting and Financials

About us

We all have 1 thing in common. Tenacity.

We are ‘results driven’ and don’t give up until we get them. We move quickly, yet carefully.

We enjoy seeing others succeed and adapting to the new technology that is available in the agricultural world.

If you’re ever in Hancock, MN or Rock Rapids, IA; give us a call and we can set up a live demo for you.

XAG P100 Pro Kit

P100 Pro 8 Battery Kit

Here is our most requested and recommended Drone Package.

This package comes with everthing you need to begin your spraying operation. Check it out today:

XAG - Advancing Agriculture

XAG brings us the most efficient and durable AG drone on the current market.

  • 10 acre/flight by doing 2 gal/acre fungicide

  • Average 400 acres a day per drone

  • 2 ppl crew running 2 drones together on a drone trailer, average 800 acres/day.

The XAG Drones are fully autonomous on RTK without cellular service.

  • RTK sub-inch accuracy without cellular service.
  • Take off and land at the same spot without manual flight

Innovation in Battery Charging

Batteries and battery life is always a big question in the drone arena. XAG has solved this by charging their batteries in cold water.

  • Smart 962 wh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Emerge in water to charge
  • Take 12 mins charge 2 batteries full

5 gal/min Dual Peristaltic Pump

  • Easily do 5 gal/acre on top speed 31 mph
  • Go all the way up to 20 gal/acre
  • 13.5 gal tank