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B13960S XAG Smart Battery


The 2021 B13960S XAG Smart Battery is compatible with all of XAG’s 2021 Agricultural System (Compatible P40, P80, P100, V40 Agricultural UAV) .

With 13 high capacity Lithium polymer cells and a BMS integration module, it features real-time monitoring of status information including voltage, current and temperature, as well as charge protection. Specifically, the battery can give immediate feedback to the load side during use. In case of battery low or failure, the BMS system will send an emergency stop signal initiatively to ensure the electrical safety of the load side.

Technical Specifications

Model B13960S
Dimensions 7.4in x 5.5in x 12.5in
Weight Approx. 14.8 lb
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 20000 m/Ah
Energy 962 Wh
Rated Output 48.1V / 120A
Operating Temperature 50° F to 113° F
Charging Temperature 50° F to 113° F
Storage Temperature 50° F to 113° F
IP Rating IP65

Compatible Aircraft

XAG V40 2021

XAG P100 2022

XAG P100 Pro 2023


Compatible Chargers

CM12500P GC4000+ CM27000 CM13600
Charging Voltage 56.55V
Battery Charging Time 10-15 minutes
Warranty Details 6 Months